I am VP of Research, Content and Technology at ManyWorlds, and boy, we have some cool technology and content stuff going on! We are delighted to work with Project360, applying our patented collaborative learning technology, Epiture.

Our company helps leading companies grow, and we offer leading edge expertise and processes in areas such as innovation, strategic marketing and research & development. Our clients are Fortune 100 companies that you often see written up in management books (of which my job means I read quite a few), high tech firms and we also count a lot of the big consulting houses as our clients.


Additionally, I consult on the development and commercialization of green tech and renewable technologies of high tech firms, where we have worked with leading edge companies in areas such as algal oil, cellulosic fuels, geothermal, bio gas and thin film solar.

What can I tell you about myself outside of my job? I have a Masters in Astrophysics, am passionate about my job, our software and company(truly!) and have expertise in business strategy and innovation processes. For kicks, I enjoy long discussions on anything and everything (particularly science/technology), theatre, working out, drawing/painting landscapes and abstracts, playing the flute/piano and juggling. My favorite artists are Alfred Gockel, Dali and Kandinsky (I know they're a somewhat unoriginal choice but they are inspirational!) and my favorite poet is WB Yeats, because his poetry sends shivers up my spine, particularly his later work. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats who are wonderfully patient with me as I zoom about and as a consequence are very spoiled. I volunteer at the SPCA and foster for Red Collar Rescue (animal charity). I would love to walk Hannibal's footsteps, grow orchids, and live for a long long time ;-)



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